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Brief Introduction

Xiamen Academy for Performing Arts is a private comprehensive art institute which is qualified to admit college students. It is approved by Fujian province government, and also registered in national education ministry, (global code: 13767). LvYiSheng, the famous dance educator, is the dean of Xiamen Academy for Performing Arts.


College is located in famous city, Xiamen. In Xiang’an district, the second district of Xiamen, our campus has the teaching area of 30,000 ㎡ , students dormitory of 6,000 ㎡ , capacious and beautiful circular runway and playground. We provide our students with great teaching and living environment. In 2010, the municipal government arranged 192 mu construction lands in Xiang’an culture and education area for our modern school building. Besides, located in Gulangyu island, the art training base becomes an interest among the typical exotic buildings It also creates a rich artistic practice environment for our students.


Now there are 84 professional teachers, 50 part-time teachers, rally of the experts from Beijing Dance Academy, China Opera Institute, Beijing Film Academy, as well as the overseas returnees from UK and USA. A high level of faculty, perfect teaching facilities, and beautiful campus environment set up a platform of broad caliber and solid foundation. We aim at cultivating multi-ability talents with comprehensive knowledge to meet the need of society, focus on developing the art potential of our students, emphasize the combination of practical of art and theory, and develop our students into modern professional talents for the society. Since the founding, our academy is famous for its characteristic and remarkable achievement, in 2010, Xiamen Academy for performing Arts is nominated as one case of the 5 Chinese model feature institutes by ministry of education.


There are 6 departments in our academy, dance performing, music, theatre film and television, directing, art design and public affair management, covering majors of musicals, modern folk music, broadcasting and hosting, stage design, popular music, computer music production and acoustics engineering, carton design, culture creative industry, art management, art literature and so on. Now in 2011, we are expecting to admit 3-year vocational art students, literature and art students from all over the country.